Prioritise Your Life.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try or what you do, there are only 24 hours in a day and when you get through that day and start another, the same applies. Whether you did all that you wanted to, or carried things over you’ll still only have 24 hours to complete the next lot of tasks, and there’ll always be another set of tasks.

What’s more important, or at least should be, is not how much time you’ve got but what you do with it, how much personal time do you have? What about this quality time that everybody keeps talking about, there’s partner time for one, or family time, then there’s social time and me time.

Well now, let’s be realistic about this, some things do tend to get in the way, jobs or families, sleeping and eating etc. Just like the hours in a day some things will remain fixed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to find a more comfortable work/life balance.
Before you can start planning and prioritising your time you need to know 2 things, first what is it that you want from a day, this should include all of the quality things, just forget the limitations for now. Secondly list your average days activities, be honest with this, especially when it comes to time spent watching TV, surfing the net, playing computer games etc. Honesty is very important here, one way of achieving this is to log the activities as they happen throughout the day, or over a period of days to make sure that you capture everything.

Make sure that your want to do list is prioritised with the most important things at the top; now compare your 2 lists to see how they match up, probably not at all. Revisit your daily activities and this time allot times to each one, not what you have been doing, but only what you’ve got to do.

When you know just how much you’ve got to do, and this doesn’t include what other people expect you to do, you now know what time you’ve got to spend on your important priorities. Now put times to these, when and where, remember the most important first and as basic as this seems, you’ve just started to prioritise your life. Planning is the first stage and putting it down on paper immediately brings it to life; the next stage of course is doing it and making it happen. Put your list up somewhere so it can be seen, remember to concentrate on the top priorities and start to enjoy your life. There’s plenty of professional help available if you need it, but give it a go first and get back in control.