Business Coaching

Quality management
You will know just how powerful a tool success in this area can be in tipping the balance when marketing your Business. This product is based on the tried and tested European model, however I’ve made it less rigid to enable it to be used in any managed unit or department big or small. You could even start it in one department and let it evolve, and it will because others will want to become part of it. It’s also a great motivator, because wherever you are you will always improve, the processes are continuous and become integrated into your existing management processes.

  • Option 1 - Off the shelf package, introduction and limited telephone support (£600)
  • Option 2 - Plus 2 day’s onsite support to set up quality team and processes (additional £440 plus expenses)
  • Option 3 - Plus 2 week’s onsite support for implementation, self assessment, continuous improvement and reviews (additional £1800 plus expenses)

Managing change
Change needs to be facilitated and that’s where coaching can help to bring the necessary unbiased and non-judgemental focus to facilitate the changes. A coach will have no personal or company interests to protect or history to defend which might otherwise create barriers. Invest now and profit later in good, honest working relationships.

Sponsored Coaching
Sponsorship coaching for your key people makes good economic sense, the fact that they are key people already emphasises their value. Good people are hard to find and retaining that investment is sometimes even harder. It can be much easier to help them overcome their issues; improve performance and productivity than you may think. Regardless of whether the issues are work or home based, it will affect performance and wellbeing.

Small Business Coaching
Small businesses are often unsure of where they are in terms of current standing and development potential, fresh eyes can give you a snapshot of how it’s looking. If you’ve got development plans you will need to identify the areas for improvement before you move on and concentrate on your strengths. A business coach can take the pressure from you, snapshot or complete review it’s non-judgemental, confidential and cost effective Business coaching prices £42.00 per hour plus expenses, minimum of 3 hours, £220.00 per day plus expenses, 10% discount for 4 days or 15% discount for 5 days. Prices and services can be tailored to your requirements if they fall outside of the standard options, details on request.